Booked Dates
January 15th - 40th Birthday Party ​​​​​​    
January 22nd - Wedding 
February 5th - Baby Shower
February 12th - BIG C3 Birthday
February 12th - Birthday Party  
February 13th - Lover's Brunch 
February 19th - Black History Parade (City Of Lauderdale Lakes) 
February 19th - Rileys' Birthday Party 
February 20th - Sherene & Jack's Wedding 
February 25th - Speed Dating w/ Twist 
February 26th - Mauney Wedding Reception 
April 30th - 55th Birthday Soiree (RoofTop)
June 11th - Mikeala's Wedding 
July 9th - Alisia's 30th Birthday 
July 22nd - Brittany's Wedding 
October 8th - Jennica's Wedding
October 22nd - Danielle's Wedding 

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