Booked Dates​      
May 24th - 8th Grade Dance 
May 25th - Freaknik '94 - Coco Paradise Miami
May 29th - Coral Springs SGA - Atlast Events Venue 
June 1st - Pool Party Moda NorthBay 
June 2nd - Graduation Party 
June 4th - Tedder Elementary 
June 8th - Baby Shower
June 9th - Graduation Party
June 10th - Last Day of School Birthday Celebration 
June 14th - Music in The Park - City of Lauderdale Lakes 
June 15th - NIA Juneteenth Brunch
June 18th - Juneteeth Celebration - City of Lauderdale Lakes  
June 22nd - Graduation Party 
June 28th - Water Day City of Oakland Park ​​​​​​​
July 10th - Birthday Party 
July 12th - Teen Summit - Fort Lauderdale Black Police Officers Association
July 25th - Parent Night City of Oakland Park 
July 27th - Gude Wedding 
July 29th - Community Resource Fair 
August 6th - National Night Out Against Crime - City of Lauderdale Lakes
August 11th - Chardi's Botanical Birthday Brunch 
September 13th - Senior Gala
September 14th - Taste of Lauderdale Lakes 
October 12th - Luau Pool Birthday Party 
October 26th - Birthday Party (Savannah, GA)
November 16th - Kira's 30th Birthday Party
December 13th - 30th Birthday Party
December 14th - Kayla's Wedding 
February 1st - 70th Birthday Party (Atlanta)
February 8th - Chris's 5th Monster Jam 
August 1st - Rivera Wedding (Orlando) 
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