Booked Dates​ 
January 27th - Birthday Celebration (City of Oakland Park) 
January 27th - Pam's 60th Birthday Celebration ​​​​​​​
February 1st - Ladies Night (First Wednesday)
February 3rd - Tif Academy Award Ceremony
February 4th - Black History Month Family Day 
February 4th - Splack's Adult Prom 30 Nights in Paris
February 7th - Taco Tuesday 
February 11th - 1st Birthday Party
February 12th - Bat Mitzfah (At Last Events Venue)
February 18th - City of Lauderdale Lakes Black Excellence Festival 
February 18th - Ant's Players Ball 
February 19th - Cosmic Vibes Open Mic Night
February 25th - Wedding (FCC Entertainment) 
February 26th - City of Lauderdale Lakes Kickball Tournament 
March 4th - Brunch (Smitty's Sistrunk)
March 11th - 80th Birthday Party
March 18th - Penelope's Wedding 
May 13th - Baby Shower
  May 13th - Coconut Creek Senior Prom 
May 26th - Princess Wedding 
June 2nd - Championship Academy of Distinction Graduation 
September 3rd - 40th Brunch Day Party 
September 3rd - Surprise Party
November 3rd - Johnson Wedding 
November 4th - Nia's Birthday Party
November 11th - #SupervilleEverAfter Destination Wedding 
December 2nd - Stephanie's Wedding
 December 23rd - Anniversary Party
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